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Yoga"Welcome to my web site. I hope that my love for working with individuals and groups comes through on these pages.  If you're struggling and looking for guidance or already feeling great and ready to get focused on your goals, I am here to work with you.  My approach is a blend of psychology and spirituality.  Positive psychology which focused your innate strengths and Spirituality which presumes that you are already a worthy divine soul.

My workshops, trainings and groups will enhance and change your view of life.  Everything happens for a reason...this life is a journey and we are here by choice and design.  Let me guide you toward understanding your bigger purpose and finding the meaning that you seek."

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What is Hypnosis?

The hypnotic or "trance" state is a completely natural state of deep

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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a natural and readily accessible process; anyone with desire...

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Reiki System

Reiki is an ancient system of energy healing. It is the practice of channeling...

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Laughter Therapy

Utilizing the natural physical act of laughter as a form of therapy

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